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About Telesat

You may not recognize our name, but we likely have touched your life every day. Whether watching broadcast television, swiping your credit card at a retail store, or accessing Internet on a cruise ship or plane, much of what you do daily is possible due to the satellites we operate at 35,786 km in space. But with our 50-year track record of excellence and expertise, we’re not resting on our laurels; we’re boldly creating the next-generation space architecture of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that will provide leading telecom, enterprise, government, aero and maritime customers with unprecedented data rates and flexibility. Our employees are passionately innovating to eliminate the digital divide, improve the reach of 5G, and enable data connectivity anywhere on the planet. If you want to be at the cutting edge, challenge the status quo, and be part of the greatest space-based communications transformation ever, we’d love to hear from you!

What We Need

We’re looking for a Controlled Goods and Security Coordinator who will be responsible for ensuring that the Company’s business activities are in compliance with the Canadian technology transfer control regulations, including the Controlled Goods Regulations and the Export Permit Regulations. You’ll be responsible for the administration of the personnel security screening program for Telesat as established by the Policy on Government Security. You will also act as the Alternate Company Security Officer (ACSO), responsible for the physical security of Telesat’s Headquarters, including access control, associated safeguards and employee training.

The Nitty-Gritty of What You’ll Do

  • Direct compliance to Canadian Controlled Goods Regulations and the Canadian Export Permit Regulations through establishment of appropriate processes and procedures
  • Represent Telesat in the capacity of Designated Official under the Controlled Goods Program (CGP), providing support and guidance to Regional Designated Officials
  • Possess and maintain an expert level of knowledge in all matters relating to Canada’s Controlled Goods Regulations and the Export Permit Regulations, and communicate requirements to employees
  • Liaise with the Global Affairs Canada, Export Controls Division, the Controlled Goods Directorate, as well as other CGP/ITAR registered companies in matters pertaining to controlled activities and issues
  • Conduct security assessments of all employees with access to CGP controlled goods
  • Evaluate requirements, initiate, verify, maintain and terminate government security clearances for Telesat employees and contractors as required to satisfy site access requirements and Security Requirements Checklists for government contracts
  • Obtain Government approvals for all CGP related visitors, as required
  • Provide internal export control commodity classifications and prepare formal advisory opinion requests to Global Affairs Canada, as required
  • Analyze and identify technology transfer control requirements for Telesat programs
  • Develop, organize, control, coordinate, evaluate and enhance the Telesat Controlled Goods Security Plans and Procedures across the Company
  • Conduct compliance training for all employees with access to CGP controlled goods and provide periodic briefings on their responsibilities under the CGP Security Plans and regulations
  • Maintain registration with the Controlled Goods Program for all registered sites
  • Maintain records and submit reports related to clearance of CGP cleared employees/contractors, ITAR exempted individuals, CGP-cleared temporary workers and exempted foreign visitors in accordance with the regulations
  • Maintain records and submit reports relating to exports as required by Global Affairs Canada
  • Submit applications for Canadian export permits for all domestic offices, keep records related to such applications, update and renew export permits as required, and communicate export permit obligations to responsible employees
  • Act as ACSO which involves the implementation and maintenance of security related programs designed and directed towards ensuring the protection of company assets encompassing equipment, facilities, information and people for HQD and regional office facilities
  • Provide back up to Export Control and Security Manager as required
  • Ability to be called in or consulted outside normal business hours as circumstances warrant


We think you’re the ideal candidate if you possess the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related discipline combined with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the administration of the Contract Security Program and/or an Export Compliance Program
  • Familiarity with the procedures outlined in the Government of Canada’s Security Policy as defined in the Industrial Security Manual
  • Strong understanding of Canadian technology transfer control laws, specifically the Defense Production Act, the Controlled Goods Regulations, the Export and Import Permits Act, and the Export Permit Regulations
  • Attention to detail and strong writing, communication, organizational, and analytical skills
  • Ability to interpret complex regulations, work collaboratively to develop procedures to achieve cost effective compliance, and communicate requirements in understandable manner
  • Ability to assist in the research and interpretation of any international regulations applicable to Telesat in support of our international business efforts
  • Ability to effectively interact with employees, customers, contractors, and government officials
  • Capability to manage change and demonstrate a high degree of customer focus
  • High degree of initiative, discretion, integrity, and personal judgment
  • Ability to effectively respond to changing priorities

The successful candidate must be able to work in Canada and obtain clearance under the Canadian Controlled Goods program (CGP) and hold or be eligible to hold Security Clearance to the level of NATO Secret/Top Secret.

 What you’ll experience working at Telesat

  • Comprehensive benefits including performance-based variable compensation, vacation, medical coverage, and pension plan
  • First class office space in downtown Ottawa
  • Working with the most diverse, collaborative, NICE people you could ever want to meet
  • A professional, highly driven and high-performing team
  • An established successful organization with an entrepreneurial edge and culture


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