Reference #: 883863

Location: Norwood

Position Type: Full-Time

Reports To: Quailty and Training Adm.

FLSA Status: Exempt

Shift: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

General Responsibilities

The Director of Training and Development for the Communities of Divine Providence and Don Guanella is responsible for the development, implementation and tracking of all employee training.  Training is developed according to state, federal and licensing requirements and the needs of the organization and employees.  The Director will ensure consistent implementation of trainings across all settings and will maintain and track all employee records.


Essential Duties          

  1. Ensures consistent implementation and scheduling of NEO, Annual, Supplemental trainings and medication administration course.
  2. Design, revise, modify and complete edits to NEO and Annual training curricula and content as needed to meet the state and federal requirements, governing regulations, changing practices and updated policies of the organization.
  3. Design supplemental training content to support day program, campus and community living needs across the communities of Divine Providence and Don Guanella.
  4. Leads and conducts trainings in the classroom, program and residential areas as required.
  5. Conducts assessments of program specific training needs.
  6. Works in concert with departments to enhance the professional development of employees
  7. Develop and maintain comprehensive systems to track and maintain all employee files including but not limited to NEO, Annual, Auxiliary trainings.
  8. Work with departments to support on the job training for new employees and new or promoted management staff.
  9. Ensures employees attain and maintain all required certifications including but not limited to CPR/First Aid, Medication Administration and any other required certifications for the employee position.
  10. Participate in strategic planning initiatives relative to the training department and specific program area needs.
  11. Ensure regulatory requirements are upheld and instituted in all training curricula.
  12. Participates in all licensing and inspections and assists with plans of correction
  13. Support creation and implementation of policies related to training.
  14. Works closely with Directors of Human Resources in scheduling and providing new employee orientation as needed.
  15. Works to develop other professional opportunities and development for employees in accordance with the needs of the various departments.
  16. Works with the Director of Quality and Risk Management to ensure that the quality of training is maintained and provided consistently across the communities of Divine Providence and Don Guanella.
  17. Maintain and promote a safe, clean and positive work atmosphere in accordance with out Core Values by behaving and communicating in a professional manner at all times in the presence of clients, co-workers, supervisors, and external stakeholders.
  18. Adhere to confidentiality standards relative to individuals’ records, training progress, and tracking documentation according to HIPAA regulations.
  19. Learn and follow all DPD policies and procedures
  20. Maintains membership in professional organizations, develops professional contacts/resources and expands personal knowledge bases through education ecchanges, attains and keepx current on required training certification.
  21. Demonstrates understanding of emergency procedures, fire drills, evacuation procedures and internal/external disaster plans and procedures.
  22. All other duties as assigned.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Masters Degree in Human Services Field
  • Certification as an Instructor/Trainer in First Aid and CPR, Medication Administration and Safety/Crisis Interventions
  • Five (5) years of human services experience in a professional or management capacity and knowledge of regulations
  • Professional appearance, high degree of visibility and excellent communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Possess strong leadership skills and the skills and experience to work with individuals throughout various levels within the organization, enacting change and implementing initiatives
  • Flexible hours and the ability to alter working hours as required or necessary

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