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Hydrogeologist (Two Positions)
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Chalk River, Ontario, Canada


The person in this position:

  • Defines hydrogeologic, hydraulic and geochemical conditions in both porous and fractured media for past, existing and proposed nuclear and industrial facilities;
  • Maps contaminant plumes, dealing primarily with water and radionuclide transport;
  • Evaluates geochemical and radiometric parameters in surface-waters, sediments, groundwaters and other geologic media;
  • Identifies and characterizes environmental problems and develops remedial actions by preparing project plans, schedules and budgets and by executing those projects in collaboration with others;
  • Prepares reports and delivers presentations which document and interpret the results of the laboratory and field studies;
  • Provides technical peer review of reports and project plans;
  • Develops solutions for groundwater, aquifer and riverbed remediation and for improved monitoring;
  • Assists in communications with local special interest groups and elected officials;
  • In the interests of the nuclear industry overall, facilitates the development and education of future earth and aquatic scientists in collaboration with universities;
  • Assists in managing routine groundwater quality monitoring programs;
  • Participates in an offsite, radiological emergency response program


  • University graduate with a post-graduate degree (PhD. or MSc with experience). The academic background will be predominantly in Earth and Environmental Sciences with specialization in Contaminant Hydrogeology and/or Contaminant transport
  • Or membership in an engineering or scientific professional organization authorized by statute to establish qualification for membership in that organization.
  • Physical ability to work both in the field, directing drilling and sampling programs, and on the river, conducting sediment/contaminant characterization and remediation activities
  • A strong background in geochemistry and experience in the environmental characterization of sites with contaminated soils, groundwater and sediments and in the assessment of alternative remediation methods, such as stabilization measures, infiltration covers, subaqueous sediment capping, in situ remediation technologies (e.g., permeable reactive barriers), etc.
  • Experience in the use of environmental isotopes would be an asset
  • Proven abilities to write technical papers and reports
  • Skills and interest in making technical/oral presentations
  • Physical ability to work in the field.
  • The successful applicant must possess the initiative and the ability to lead and supervise a small team and also to work effectively with others on multidisciplinary projects.

CNL has an Employment Equity Program and encourages applications from women, Aboriginal Peoples, visible minorities and persons with disabilities.


Resumes submitted through Agencies will not be accepted.

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