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Competition #:838527

Job Title:Maintenance Engineer (Skilled)

Department:8060 - Plant Operations

Job Category:Operations / Maintenance

FTE:1.00 - 40 hours

Posted Date:03-22-2019

Closing date:04-06-2019

Schedule:40 hrs/wk; Monday - Friday, 7a-330p

FLSA Status:Non-Exempt (Hourly)

Job Summary:

Performs a variety of skilled maintenance and repairs to complex facilities equipment and systems. Has a thorough understanding of building heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems and operation and can affect complex repairs.


Job Requirements:

Minimum Education

High School Diploma or equivalent required.

Associate of Science Degree in an applied technical field preferred.

Required Skills

Demonstrates the ability to exercise independent judgment in times of need and emergency situations.


Essential Functions:

Attends gas-fired boilers and hot-water heating systems.

Performs chemical tests, analysis and treatment of boiler, tower water and chill water loop.

Installs, maintains and repairs heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment including fans, motors, radiators, thermostats, and dampers.

Replaces filters, belts, and fluids as necessary on HVAC system motors and fans.

Monitors room temperatures, humidity, duct pressures and outside air exchanges daily.

Calibrates and/or adjust building automation system and control valves as required.

Ensures the proper operation and maintenance of all pumps, motors, valves, and thermostats, gauges and dampers associated with the HVAC system

Works with all trades in troubleshooting and making repairs to broad and diverse range of industrial and hospital equipment and systems.

Attaches plumbing fixtures and clears clogged drain systems.

Performs assigned preventative maintenance. Performs grounds maintenance.

Makes rounds through equipment and mechanical rooms. Reads and records gauges and meters.

Observes the operation of equipment and reports unusual conditions and/or takes corrective action.

Constructs, renovates, or repairs walls and ceilings within the hospital achieving a high level of quality.

Paints when performing construction, renovation or repairs achieving a high level of quality.

Attends hospital alarms systems. Responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of the hospitals control air, medical gas, and vacuum systems

Consistently demonstrates the ability to recognize, establish and deal with priorities.

Demonstrates a “needs-no-reminder” attitude after direction has been explained and the assignment is carried out.