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Competition #:841946

Job Title:Emergency Department Medication Rec Tech

Department:6231 - Emergency Department

Job Category:Emergency Department

FTE:0.30 - 12 hours

Posted Date:09-11-2019

Closing date:09-26-2019

Schedule:12 hrs/wk; 9a-930p, every third weekend

FLSA Status:Non-Exempt (Hourly)

Position Purpose:

Responsible for documenting and reviewing all home medications to ensure a complete, accurate list of medications is entered into the electronic medical record. Requires working with the patient, nurse, primary physician, and/or outside pharmacy resources for accurate recording of medications and script details. In addition, functions as a HUC/CNA within the Emergency Department, responsible for general clerical duties and basic nursing care to patients under direct supervision of a Registered Nurse.

Essential Functions:

  1. Coordinates with patient, nurse, and/or physician as required to document complete and accurate medication information2. for home medications, prescriptions, and medications in history on admitted patients.
  2. Functions as a liaison between patient care provider, staff, pharmacy staff, and patient to ensure accurate complete medication histories.
  3. Performs EKGs and responsible for retrieving previous EKGs, as needed.
  4. Obtains blood specimens and collects non-blood specimens such as urine, sputum, and throat swabs for laboratory testing.
  5. Promptly answers patient call lights and requests.
  6. Assists with comfort needs of patients and activities of daily living (ADLs), as needed, under direction of supervising RN.
  7. Performs venipuncture and finger sticks using the aseptic technique and in accordance with department procedures. Observes hospital isolation procedures.
  8. Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, effectively uses verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills to maintain cooperative and professional relationships.
  9. Supports an environment conducive to professional practice by functioning as a role model and resource person.

Position Requirements:

  • Current CNA certification required. Must be active on the IL Health Care Worker Registry as a CNA.
  • Demonstrate completion of the AHRQ Medications at Transition Toolkit and the AHSP medication reconciliation technician training within the first six months of hire.
  • Must attend and complete HUC continuing education.
  • Must meet the prescribed standards as determined by the department director.
  • Experience in acute care setting preferred.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy are a must.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Strong operational knowledge in Microsoft Windows/Office products and the ability to learn the CGH order entry system.