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Competition #:845250

Job Title:Phlebotomist

Department:7010 - Laboratory Department

Job Category:Laboratory

FTE:0.60 - 24 hours

Posted Date:09-06-2019

Closing date:09-21-2019

Schedule:24 hrs/wk; 2145-0615 every other weekend holidays

FLSA Status:Non-Exempt (Hourly)

Job Summary:

Performs all specimen collection procedures and provides assistance to the Department technical and clerical staff.


Job Requirements:

Minimum Education

High School Diploma or equivalent required.

Completion of a NAACLS approved phlebotomy program preferred.

Required Skills

Phlebotomist certification with ASPC or AMT preferred.

Demonstrates the knowledge necessary to provide culturally competent, population specific care.


Essential Functions:

Obtains blood specimens and collects nonblood specimens such as urine, sputum, and throat swabs for laboratory testing.

Checks the test requisition or computer label against the nursing station log to assure correctness and completeness prior to collecting samples. Brings discrepancies to the attention of unit personnel for correction.

Verifies positive patient identification.

Performs venipunctures and finger sticks using the aseptic technique and in accordance with department procedures. Observes hospital isolation procedures.

Ensures that specimen requirements are met at the time of collection and maintains specimen integrity.

Coordinates the collection of therapeutic drug-monitoring assays with nursing personnel to ensure the proper drug dose to collection time.

Initials, dates, and times all collections. Performs "flag-in" procedures for specimens collected.

Maintains daily tallies of collections performed.

Accessions and processes specimens to prepare them for laboratory testing.

Maintains proficiency and actively participates in specimen collection. Ensures proper patient identification, specimen labeling and integrity, and LIS documentation. Reassures patient and ensures comfort prior to leaving bedside or releasing patient.

Queries the LIS on a regular and timely basis to provide specimen collection for efficient department workflow; verifies specimen, delivers properly collected and verified specimens to appropriate areas and orders phlebotomy styles in the LIS.

Performs specimen collection at off-site locations, other healthcare facilities, and at a special programs sponsored by the hospital.

Provides specimen collection information to requesting clients utilizing the Manual for Laboratory Specimen Collection (rolodex).

Queries the LIS to respond to telephone requests for patient results and documents appropriately.

Assists in the training of students and new staff in specimen collection procedures including LIS aspects.

Achieves and maintains competency for all procedures for which responsible (see department competency documentation).