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Competition #:857522

Job Title:Cardiac Monitor Technician (CMT)/CNA

Department:6120 - Critical Care Unit

Job Category:Critical Care Unit

FTE:0.90 - 36 hours

Posted Date:10-15-2020

Closing date:10-30-2020

Schedule:36 hrs/wk; 630a-7p w/ Every 3rd Weekend *BONUS*

FLSA Status:Non-Exempt (Hourly)

$1,500 Sign-On Bonus Available

  • $500 at time of hire
  • $500 after completion of 1 year
  • $500 after completion of 2 years


The Cardiac Monitor Technician observes the heart rhythms of all cardiac monitored patients in the hospital. Their main job duty is to continually scrutinize and document individual heart rhythms and to urgently convey pertinent information to the charge nurse/physicians. Daily assignments are made by the charge nurse and or departmental manager/assistant manager.


  1. C.N.A. with at least one year of experience in acute care.
  2. Able to accurately read cardiac monitors after completing EKG class and internship with instructor
  3. and/or internship completed with designated other C.M.T.
  4. Able to take initiative to seek out charge nurse or leadership if unable to differentiate a cardiac monitor reading.
  5. Demonstrates knowledge in understanding the default alarms and adjustment of alarms. May only adjust high and low rate alarms when heart rate is sustained and alarm level and physician and charge nurse aware.
  6. Able to communicate with other nursing units regarding cardiac rhythms often.
  7. Able to complete all criteria on CMT competency criteria before being scheduled as a CMT.


  1. Educational Requirements:
    • High School graduate or equivalent.
    • Certified Nurse’s Assistant with current IL certification and one plus year of work experience in acute care.
  2. Special Requirements:
    • Must successfully complete a training period for EKG techs.
    • Must successfully complete the Cardiac Monitor Tech class.
    • Must complete a clinical training period for observation of Cardiac Monitors with a designated CMT or instructor.
    • Must attend and complete continuing education as determined by departmental director.

  • BLS Required within 30 days of hire and must be maintained throughout employment at CGH.