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Competition #:862087

Job Title:Sterile Processing Technician

Department:6252 - Central Sterile

Job Category:Central Sterile

FTE:1.00 - 40 hours

Posted Date:10-05-2020

Closing date:10-20-2020

Schedule:40 hrs/wk; Days

FLSA Status:Non-Exempt (Hourly)



A sterile processing tech is responsible for cleaning and sterilization of used surgical instruments and other medical supplies so they can be safely redistributed for future patients.


  1. Decontaminates Instruments used in the operating room and in other procedures throughout the hospital and clinics.
  2. Assures that biological and chemical wash solutions are appropriately used.
  3. Assures sterilization equipment is working appropriately by performing quality control checks routinely as instructed and that documentation is maintained.
  4. Understands and utilizes the IFU of all equipment to assure how to clean and sterilize all equipment.
  5. Restock supplies and maintains adequate inventory within the Sterile Processing department.
  6. Keeps instruments organized, sorting mismatched sets of instruments to maintain availability.
  7. Performs daily, weekly, and monthly control tests.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent required.
  • Within 24 months of hire, the employee must obtain Sterile Processing Certification. This can be achieved through
    • International Association of Health Care Central Service Materials Management (IAHCCSMM) or
    • Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD)
  • Must complete CPR within 30 days of hire and maintain throughout employment at CGH.
  • The employee is responsible to maintain the certification once attained.