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Competition #:787064

Job Title:Job Shadowing Opportunities

Department:0000 - Job Shadowing

Job Category:Job Shadowing


Posted Date:03-11-2019

Closing date:03-26-2019

Schedule:Job Shadowing

FLSA Status:NA

High School Students: A job shadowing opportunity may be offered to Juniors and Seniors only. Approval for Specialty areas is also determined by the Department Director/Manager. The student may visit a specific department for a period not to exceed 2 hours unless otherwise approved. It is preferred that a job shadowing experience is requested via a teacher or counselor.

College Students: At the discretion of the Department Director, a job position shadowing opportunity may be offered not to exceed 10 days. Non-contract student/unpaid internship may be offered, in collaboration with Department Director and institute of higher education, an opportunity to compete an uncompensated internship.

Community Services Individuals: At the discretion of the Department Director, a community service opportunity may be approved.

* There are no Job Shadow opportunities available to individuals that are not currently enrolled in/attending high school or college. Any student that is approved to job shadow must comply with required immunizations and TB testing protocol prior to job shadow experience.