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Registered Nurse - Nursing Resource Team

Competition #:796754

Job Title:Registered Nurse - Nursing Resource Team

Job Category:Nursing

New Work Type:Part-Time Permanent

Positions Available:3

Union Affiliation:NU

Posted Date:11/01/17

Closing date:25/01/17

Salary Range:As Per ONA Agreement

FTE Assignment (Cas=0.000001):0.6

The Nursing Resource Team (NRT) is a new and innovative team that will have a presence in patient care settings across the hospital.  The NRT is looking for dynamic, energetic, and enthusiastic Registered Nurses (RN) to join the team.  The RN will have the opportunity to practice in a number of clinical areas, and care for diverse patient populations.  The RN will be provided with comprehensive orientation and education as a part of the overall introduction to the NRT; and any professional development opportunities such as the introduction to new clinical settings.

Reporting to the Clinical Leader Manager of the NRT, the RN works within a dynamic environment as a member of the inter-professional team.  The RN advocates for and promotes wellness while ensuring the delivery of safe, effective and ethical nursing care. The RN shares his/her knowledge and expertise with others and contributes to the advancement of nursing practice excellence.  The RN continually enhances his/her practice and competencies through ongoing learning, education, experience and reflective practice.


The primary role of the RN is to provide holistic, evidence-based, culturally appropriate, patient-centred quality care in accordance with the College of Nurses of Ontario standards and SMH’s mission, vision, values and policies.  The RN optimizes the patient’s experience and care outcomes by:

  • Being accountable for one’s decisions and professional practice; 
  • Establishing a therapeutic relationship with the patient;
  • Collaborating with other members of the patient’s care team; and,
  • Coordinating and communicating patient care activities.
  • The RN has 4 key areas of responsibility

Patient Care 

  • Acquires information to assess patient care and learning needs
  • Develops a plan of care and integrates nursing activities with other inter-professional activities
  • Engages in critical inquiry and reflection to select evidence-based interventions
  • Organizes nursing care and assigns or changes nursing care activities where appropriate
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the plan of care and adjusts the plan as needed
  • Anticipates, recognizes and addresses rapidly changing situations
  • Provides health education to patients and their families using effective teaching strategies
  • Documents observations, assessments and care provision
  • Contributes to discharge and transition planning
  • Refers patient to other agencies or services as needed
  • Provides care for a diverse patient population in medical and/or surgical areas
  • Provides care for clients with multiple medical co-morbidities and social complexity

Collaboration & Coordination 

  • Serves as the primary resource for organizing and coordinating patient care activities
  • Establishes and maintains respectful, collaborative, therapeutic and inter-professional relationships
  • Coordinates and communicates patient care activities for a safe and seamless transition and appropriate transfer of accountability
  • Participates in hospital and local unit committees and other groups


  • Aligns behavior with SMH’s vision, mission and values and Code of Conduct
  • Supports the advancement of professional practice
  • Utilizes effective judgment in assigning patient care activities
  • Engages in self-reflection, performance review and ongoing learning
  • Participates in mentoring, teaching and /or coaching students, co-workers and other regulated and unregulated health professionals 
  • Embraces continuous quality improvement that leads to the advancement of nursing practice and better patient outcomes
  • Advocates for a safe and healthy work environment

Research and Education

  • Participates in or supports research projects
  • Supports and participates in evidence based practice implementation and quality improvement initiatives
  • Commitment to unit specific education – Step-up Course, Stroke Education, Specialized Geriatric Education, Coronary Care I, IV/Phlebotomy, and other training identified as necessary to unit operations 


  • Must have Current General Class (Practicing) Registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario 
  • Must have current BLS certification
  • Must have a minimum of 1 year acute care experience in general medicine, general surgery, or medical/surgical nursing
  • Demonstrated patient assessment and patient management skills
  • Demonstrated previous experience working with marginal and vulnerable populations
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other professions / disciplines in a team and patient-centred environment
  • Proven ability to work in various clinical settings and be flexible and adaptable to work in a fast paced environment
  • Baccalaureate degree in Nursing preferred
  • Must have excellent communication skills 
  • Must have demonstrated interest in personal and professional development
  • Successful completion of additional speciality courses such as Coronary Care I, Nephrology I preferred
  • Must have proven planning, time management, organization, prioritization and coordination skills
  • Must have an excellent attendance record

Must be available to work all shifts including Days and Nights; weekends and holidays; and extended and short tours.