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Patient Navigation Specialist - Specialized Complex Care Program

Competition #:795132

Job Title:Patient Navigation Specialist - Specialized Complex Care Program

Job Category:Health Disciplines

New Work Type:Full-Time Permanent

Positions Available:1

Union Affiliation:NU

Posted Date:17/02/17

Closing date:09/03/17

Salary Range:TBD

FTE Assignment (Cas=0.000001):1.0

The Patient Navigation Specialist is a practitioner in the Specialized Complex Care (SCC) program that works as part of an inter-professional team whose primary role is to ensure continuity of care and support for cancer patients during the initial phase of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Coordinating timely, seamless and integrated care is the overarching focus of this role as the individual oversees the patient´s flow throughout the assessment process and entry to treatment phase of care. The focus of the PNS is to proactively identify system issues and/or opportunities for improvement.


  • Works collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team and patient/family to provide patient focused, outcomes based care, development and implementation of care plans and assisting with the evaluation of patient outcomes.
  • Identifies and addresses problems related to integration, coordination and continuity of care: coordinates the care plan, ensuring that patients move effectively from one point to another, to proactively identify issues that need to be addressed in preparation for surgery and discharge and ensures that the patient is connected with medical and radiation oncology as required.
  • Utilizes advanced clinical knowledge, skills and tools to provide comprehensive care and efficient patient tracking.
  • Minimizes wait times for diagnostic testing and coordinates results sharing with all relevant care providers
  • Streamlines processes for patient flow through the diagnostic and treatment planning phase
  • Provides an additional level of support to patients during the difficult diagnostic/staging phase including patient education and referral to community resources
  • Provides education, counseling (both in clinic and via telephone as needed), advocating for resources and pro-actively identifies system issues/opportunities for quality improvement
  • Ensures maintenance of accurate data collection for internal and external reporting and demonstration of patient care related activity (e.g., workload statistics, volumes, referrals, types of needs identified, wait times, etc.).
  • Actively engages in and provides content & interpretation for all data reporting in accordance with Cancer Care Ontario, Hospital or Ministry requirements, develops and maintains a work plan with key targets, indicators and timelines to address internal and external reporting requirements.
  • Attends and/or participates in relevant workshops, rounds, conferences and/or courses.(examples: CCO, Tumor Boards, Regional DAP Workgroup)
  • Acts as a role model/resource to all staff to promote professional development, critical analysis and refinement of their clinical practice.
  • Participates in Quality Improvement activities.
  • Develops patient education strategies/resources to support navigation process
  • May support activities in the clinic areas dependent upon needs, performs other job-related duties as assigned.


  • Must have an undergraduate degree in a healthcare related field (e.g. nursing, social work, etc.)
  • Masters degree in a healthcare related field preferred
  • Must be a Regulated Health Care Professional with current registration and/or licensure with relevant professional College
  • Must have current CPR or BCLS certification
  • Must have Quality Improvement experience
  • Related clinical experience in area of specialty an asset
  • Demonstrated commitment to the vision, goals and mission and values of St. Michael's Hospital
  • Demonstrated excellence in providing patient/family education
  • Ability to function effectively in a fast paced environment with multiple completing demands.
  • Demonstrated clinical leadership skills
  • Demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated excellent organizational skills
  • Demonstrated excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrated excellent critical thinking
  • Demonstrated excellent team skills.
  • Demonstrated advanced computer skills
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze and report on data

NOTE: Please note all unionized and non-unionized candidates are welcome to apply. Should a Registered Nurse be the successful candidate, the position will be in accordance to the ONA collective agreement.