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Ergonomist - Corporate Health & Safety Services

Competition #:822604

Job Title:Ergonomist - Corporate Health & Safety Services

Job Category:Other

New Work Type:Full-Time Temporary

Positions Available:1

Union Affiliation:NU

Posted Date:14/05/18

Closing date:27/05/18

Salary Range:$34.39 - $41.07 per hour

Length of Temporary Assignment:6 months with potential to extend

FTE Assignment (Cas=0.000001):1.0

St. Michael's Hospital has an exciting opportunity within our Corporate Health and Safety Services team as an Ergonomist.   St. Michael's Hospital works to protect and maintain the health of our staff in a manner consistent with professional practices, hospital values and policies, and government legislation.

The primary role of the Ergonomist is to contribute to the design and evaluation of tasks, jobs, environments and systems in order to ensure they are compatible with the needs and abilities of people. 

The Ergonomist will ensure that physical, cognitive, organizational, environmental and other relevant factors are taken into account when making recommendations regarding the design or modification of a system.

The Ergonomist’s responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, conducting job demands analyses for various positions within the Hospital, ergonomic workstation assessments, human factors risk assessments, accident/injury investigation and prevention, and training/educational in-services.


Conduct Ergonomic Assessments/Consultations

  • Performs ergonomic consultations for disability case coordinators and unit managers, as requested
  • Participates in the planning and purchasing of new equipment; planning and designing of new facilities or spaces to ensure human factors are considered
  • Coordinates a time to shadow a worker performing the task/job to be assessed either through the manager or worker
  • Meets with worker(s) to perform an objective assessment of the task/job through observation and measurement
  • Reviews the process with the workers and obtains consent with respect to taking digital photographs of certain tasks
  • Maintains electronic copy of completed risk assessments

Conduct Job Demands Assessments

  • Establishes a process to complete a job demands analysis (JDA) for all positions in the hospital; and maintains  and updates the JDAs on an on-going basis
  • Reviews job descriptions for position being assessed
  • Arranges meeting with department manager/supervisor/designate to discuss essential duties and cognitive  demands of the position via a questionnaire
  • Meets with worker(s) to perform an objective assessment of the job demands through observation and measurements
  • Reviews the process with the workers and obtains consent in respect to taking digital photographs of certain tasks
  • Follows-up with managers for verification and validation of JDA reports

Conduct Training/Educational In-services

  • Conducts monthly mobile patient mechanical lift training for Nursing Orientation
  • Conducts training/education on proper body mechanics, office ergonomics, mechanical lift training
  • Develops educational materials (i.e., brochures, posters, booklets, etc.)

Conduct Incident Investigations

  • Contacts employee to investigate incident to determine root cause
  • Discusses incident with employee and/or manager to determine corrective actions
  • Develops plan with manager or other parties involved to discuss/initiate steps to complete corrective action
  • Assists with corrective action where necessary (training/retraining, equipment recommendations, etc.)
  • Ensures corrective action is completed

Administrative duties

  • Participates in Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings and in Ministry of Labour inspections
  • Develops policies, procedures and guidelines related to rehabilitation, human motor performance, ergonomics and  occupational health and safety
  • Attends meetings with managers re: project updates and any obstacles/challenges encountered
  • Regular contact with Disability Case Coordinators to assist with Return to Work Programs
  • Frequent communication with managers, employees by phone, email, in person
  • Occasional contact with representative from WSIB, LTD carrier to assist Disability Case Coordinators with  Return to Work process
  • Maintains connections with counterparts at other Ontario hospitals


  • Must have a Bachelor of Science degree (specializing in Kinesiology would be an asset)
  • Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist certification preferred / asset
  • Must have experience conducting Job Demands Assessments, and office workstation assessments
  • Proficiency in applying Snook’s Table, NIOSH, RULA/REBA Analyses and other ergonomic tools
  • Occupational Hazards Identification knowledge an asset
  • Familiar with the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act and associated Regulations
  • Excellent communication ability in tandem with keen interpersonal skills
  • Must be able to work independently as well as a team player
  • Exceptional organizational skill and computer literacy in Microsoft Windows (Excel, Word, Access)
  • Demonstrated accountability, flexibility, analytical thinking, professionalism, commitment, reliability, integrity
  • Ability to adhere to hospital policies and procedures - appreciation for the value of diversity in the workplace
  • Proven statistical skills