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Mount Vernon Library Director
Mount Vernon Library Director

Mount Vernon Library Director

842755Mt. Vernon, NY

Library Director



Mount Vernon Public Library is the Central Library of Westchester County, New York. Mount Vernon Public Library aims to empower its citizens’ educational, personal, and professional growth and learning by offering traditional library resources and references as well as information technology and other programs for children, teens and adults of the community. The library has 490,000 cataloged books, 21,000 serials, 17,000 audio and visual recordings and 158,000 other holdings.



The incumbent Director is the Chief Administrator of the library and responsible for its strategic planning and direction. The work involves carrying out policy as determined by the Library Board of Trustees. His/her supervision is exercised over the work of subordinate supervisors, including professional and clerical personnel except for the Treasurer of the Library and the Chief Account Clerk. The Library Director is also the Director of the Westchester Central Library which involves administration and coordination with the other county libraries. The Director is responsible for managing approximately 70 employees.



  • Reviews and develops policies for the operations of the library.
  • Develops and evaluates plans for library services, evaluating the effectiveness of the library’s services and programs in relation to the changing needs of the community.
  • Supervises the work of library unit heads and administers personnel policies.
  • Works with the Treasurer of the Library on budgeting and expenditure of library funds and the collection of library revenues.
  • Recommends appointments, transfers, promotions and dismissal and staffing of personnel.
  • Represents the library before governmental agencies and community groups in seeking financial and other resources for the library.
  • Reviews and/or develops new procedures for library services.
  • Administers personnel policies; prepares and reviews performance evaluations of staff members.
  • Recommends and administers the purchase of library materials.
  • Recommends and/or administers public relations programs.
  • Coordinates library operations with municipal departments' support services in areas such as personnel, legal, financial, public works and data processing.
  • Supervises the maintenance of library property and recommends repairs, alterations and new construction.
  • Keeps informed of professional developments through participation in professional organizations, system meetings, workshops, continuing education courses and materials.
  • Conducts staff meetings.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of library administration practices.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of modern principles and practices of library science and research.
  • Thorough knowledge of applications of computer technology to library operations.
  • Ability to supervise, train, motivate and team lead library staffs.
  • Ability to evaluate situations, converse with people easily and work effectively with government agencies and other community groups.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency required.
  • Resourcefulness and physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.
  • Must have knowledge of fundraising, grant writing and grant administration.



  • Master’s Degree in Librarianship from a library school university that is accredited by the American Library Association or recognized by the New York State Education Department as following acceptable education practices.
  • Six years of satisfactory professional library experience with at least two years in an administrative management capacity.



  • Eligibility for a New York State Public Librarian’s Professional Certificate at the time of application.  Possession of the Certificate at the time of Appointment.



  • Email updated resume to: with three (3) references and one Writing Sample pertinent to the Job Description.
  • The Mount Vernon Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
  • Resumes will be accepted until the position is filled.


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