Med-Surg- CNA/Sitter- FT 36


Immediate Supervisor:Director of Inpatient/Specialty Services

Position Status:FT

Hours per week:36



Job Title: Nursing Assistant/Sitter

Hours: as scheduled; weekends as required

Department: Medical-Surgical Unit

Immediate Supervisor: Director Inpatient/Specialty Services

Job Summary:

Assists licensed nursing personnel in giving patient care; caring for the personal needs and
comfort of the patients. Assists licensed nursing personnel in giving patient care; caring for
the personal needs and comfort of the patients. As a sitter, they will be required to assist
other nursing departments sitting with patients that may be a danger to themselves or

High school graduate or GED. Nursing Assistant classes (as offered at local Junior Colleges) are preferred.

Six months of work experience as a Nursing Assistant.

Hospital conducted orientation and in-service education completed by due dates. Able to
function proficiently in this position in six months. Maintains AHA BLS CPR and SECURE

Job Knowledge:

Basic awareness of the role of the community hospital in dealing with patients and
their families during illnesses. Assists professional staff with patient care and tasks
to ensure efficient unit function in area assigned. Safety and infection control
protocols for patients, visitors, and self. Able to care for all age patients at 100%
competency level. The staff member must demonstrate the knowledge and skills
necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served on their
assigned unit. The partner must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth
and development over the life span and process the ability to assess data reflective
of the patients’ status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify
each patients’ requirements relative to his or her age-specific needs, and to provide
the care needed by the (neonate, pediatric, adolescent, or geriatric) patient
group. Knowledge of hospital policies and procedures. Maintains CPR
certification. Attends in-service education programs and unit meetings as described
in the unit manual. Must be proficient in computerized documentation.

Performance Requirements:

Responsibility For:
Direct patient care: general personal care of the patient (bathing, bed changing, feeding, activity; vital signs as examples) as directed. Reports all pertinent findings to RN staff. Promotes the safety of self, staff, and patients. Ongoing patient and family education. Completes all annual in-service training and competencies. Maintains confidentially of all
patients whether in-patients or out-patients.

Physical Demands:

Safely lifts a weight over 50 pounds or more, frequently as with moving and lifting patients or
equipment; standing and walking most of time on duty. Utilizes lifting aids when appropriate. Visual and auditory acuity; verbal communication clear/understandable. Utilizes lifting aids when appropriate.

Special Demands:

Ability to understand and follow directions; and that these directions may be from more than
one person. Plans the workload for the shift. Organizational skills to complete assigned tasks
within appropriate time; promote a positive public image of the unit and Harrisburg
Medical Center to patients, family members, and other staff. Must be dependable and
punctual Dresses appropriately for work. Wears name badge at all times; above waist as per
Ability to de-escalate patients that are agitated with potential for violence. Ability
to perform a variety of activities in an atmosphere of change. Handle stressful
situations calmly. Participates in the identification, stabilization, and resolution of
potential crisis. Must be able to identify when assistance is needed, and to secure
assistance when needed. Project a positive public image to patients, family, and staff.

Representative Functions:
Percentage of Time

1. Assisting professional nursing staff in providing
direct patient care. 70%

2. Performing delegated tasks to assure efficient
unit function. 30%