Infection Preventionist - FT40

Department:Nursing Administration

Immediate Supervisor:CNO

Position Status:FT

Hours per week:40



Job Title:            Infection Preventionist                                                       

Department:       Nursing Administration                 

Immediate Supervisor: Assistant VP of Clinical Services


To direct and manage the day to day activities of Harrisburg Medical Center’s Infection Control program. Provides information and overall leadership of programs including surveillance of all hospital departments as they relate to infection prevention. Evaluates the quality of patient care and patient outcomes as they relate to healthcare-associated infections; collects, prepares, and analyzes healthcare associated infection data; presents infection data and makes recommendations for actions; monitors employee compliance in use of barriers and infection prevention measures; prepares and presents educational offerings for the staff; serves as a resource for all departments and personnel; directs interventions that protect patients, the healthcare workers, visitors and others from healthcare associated infections in clinical and other settings; sets and recommends policies and procedures to prevent adverse events; provides internal and external reporting of information and data; promotes compliance  with regulations, guidelines, and accreditation requirements. Works with clinicians and administrators to improve patient and system level outcomes and reduce Healthcare acquired infections and related adverse events.



Graduate from an accredited school of nursing with current licensure in the State of Illinois. Must have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or a related health care field.

 Completion of basic training programs for infection control.  Ability to develop policies   and procedures.  Ability to teach and evaluate clinical performance.  Certification in infection control is recommended.


  6-12 months


 Four years of work experience as a registered professional nurse in an acute care facility or related field.

 Job Knowledge:

 Knowledge of Harrisburg Medical Center’s policies and procedures. Knowledge of Infection Control Standards. Knowledge of the principles of surveillance, epidemiology, infectious diseases, sterilization, sanitation and disinfection practices through education and experience. Knowledge of how to design, measure, assess, and improve processes and outcomes as they relate to Infection Control activities.  Knowledge of TJC  requirements related to Infection Control. Excellent communication skills.   Ability to prioritize and coordinate multiple job duties.   Competent in communicating with all age patients, employees, and professional contacts. Ability to perform routine office duties and work under deadlines, stress, and pressure.


 Responsible For:       

 Collect and submit required data to state and federal agencies. Monitor health-care associated infections. Assess infection control problems and make recommendations for corrective action. Prepare the agenda for the infection control committee. Prepare summary reports on infection control activities and report the findings to the appropriate committees. (Infection Control, Performance Improvement, Medical Staff and the Board of Directors)  Oversee the monitoring of infection control practices and employee compliance for all departments and personnel. Initiate and revise infection control policies and procedures. Conduct outbreak investigations and initiate control measures.  Report communicable diseases to the state as required by law. Provide educational offerings for orientation and ongoing in-services. Consult with department heads and physicians as needed to improve care. Initiate follow up on employee/patient exposure to communicable diseases.  Serve as a resource for all departments and personnel. Participate in performance improvement activities.   Participate in short and long range planning for the Infection Control Department. Gathering, collecting, reporting of data based on hospital wide surveillance, investigation of clusters of infections above expected levels and single cases of unusual nosocomial infections.   Development and implementation of improved patient care procedures. Maintain current infection control policies and procedures. Other duties as assigned.

Physical Demands:

Visual, auditory and communication acuity. Minimal lifting of 10-25 pounds. Prolonged sitting and reading of documents. Computer operations and typing for long periods of time. Extended hours of work as dictated by the work load.