Immediate Supervisor:Director of Inpatient/Specialty Services

Position Status:FT

Hours per week:36



Departments: SCU/PCU
Position Status: FT
Shift: 6p.m.-6a.m.
Hours per week: 36
Weekends: Yes

The SCU/PCU Registered Nurse is a professional care giver who assesses plans and implements the care of patients in the SCU/ PCU Unit. The Registered Nurse is responsible for meeting standard guidelines for managing all assigned personnel, supplies, and equipment in the SCU/PCU Unit. In addition, the SCU/PCU Registered Nurse promotes teamwork with physicians and personnel of other departments. The SCU/PCU Registered Nurse has the knowledge and ability to assist with stress testing and perform EKGs independently.


Graduate of accredited school of nursing. Current Registered Nurse licensure in the State of Illinois. Current ACLS certification is preferred with certification required within one year of start date in SCU/PCU. Current CPR certification.

Orientation period of approximately three months (depending on previous experience) with direct Registered Nurse supervision.

One year of nursing experience in an acute care setting is preferred but not required.

Job Knowledge:

  • General knowledge of nursing process,
  • knowledge of hospital and SCU/PCU policies and procedures, nursing techniques specific to SCU/PCU, proper use of SCU/PCU unit equipment and knowledge of legal parameters. The knowledge of SCU/PCU policies, techniques and equipment will be validated with competency checklists which includes an arrhythmia test to validate knowledge of cardiac rhythms. A SCU Skills Checklist will also be validated to ensure knowledge of nursing skills related to assessment of patient condition, use of specific equipment and general knowledge of SCU policies and procedures. The validation of the checklist and the skills list will occur after six months of employment.
  • Full competence in completion of EKGs will also be confirmed after one month of employment.
  • Able to care for all age patients at competency level (100%).
  • The staff member must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served on their assigned unit.
  • The partner must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and process the ability to assess data reflective of the patients’ status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patients’ requirements relative to his or her age-specific needs, and to provide the care needed by the (pediatric, adolescent, adult, or geriatric) patient group.

Performance Requirements:

Responsibility For:
Performing nursing process, directing others in patient care, decision making, educating patients along with their families, technical skills and safely in regards to patients and co-workers. Several specific responsibilities which will be required include use of the ventilator and care of the ventilator dependent patient, use of specific 02 delivery systems, setup and care of chest tubes, cardio-version and defibrillation, care of and blood draws involving arterial lines, and the proper use of different weight devices utilized for weight recording. The assurance that these responsibilities are carried out will be documented by validating competency checklists. Must attend “Handle with Care” training annually. Must attend Service Excellence training.

Physical Demands:
Lifts weight over 50 pounds, as with moving or lifting patients and equipment. Prolonged walking and standing, as with working twelve-hour shifts, visual and auditory acuity; manual dexterity.

Special Demands:
Works cooperatively, independently and efficiently under stress. Promotion of a positive public image of the nursing units of SCU/PCU and Harrisburg Medical Center.

Representative Functions:                                                   Percentage of Time

1. Admission and routine assessments.                                          25%

2. Performing delegated medical orders.                                        20%

3. Implementing plan of care.                                                        15%

4. Documentation.                                                                         15%

5. Supervision activities of other health care.                                   5%

6. Communicating with other health team members.                        10%

7. Communicating with patient and family members.                        10%




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