ER Technician- PRN

Department:Emergency Room

Immediate Supervisor:Director Nursing ER

Position Status:PRN

Hours per week:Variable



Responsible for accurately and efficiently performing clerical duties in the Emergency Department.  Assists in performing non-nursing clerical and receptionist functions supportive to direct nursing care.  Performs specific clinical/technical duties as assigned.


High school graduate or equivalent.

One month of clerical experience.  Demonstrated computer skills including order entry.  Knowledge of medical terminology or ability to learn as “on job training.”  Minimal experience in healthcare setting.

Employee with necessary education is expected to be proficient in the performance of ER Technician duties within six months.

Job Knowledge: 

  • Knowledge of hospital and Emergency Department policies. 
  • Operation of hospital  paging  system and computer. 
  • Understands safety and infection control protocols for  patients, visitors, and self and puts them into practice. 
  • Must be able to give basic healthcare after “on job training” of vital signs, EKG.



  • Serves as ER Technician, greeting individuals and handling incoming and outgoing  telephone calls utilizing knowledge of the department.  Relays pertinent information to  appropriate person(s) and maintaining patient and employee confidentiality.
  • Self-motivated, maintaining skills and knowledge and providing clerical support to  nursing including preparing and maintaining accurate records, order entry as directed,  and documenting pertinent data accurately and neatly while safeguarding confidential  information.  Completed annual competencies.
  • Performs clerical tasks in Code Blue (recorder) and STAT HEART.
  • Conducts telephone calls to specialists and other healthcare facilities as directed by  Emergency Department staff.
  • Maintains transcribing of patients in Emergency Room Log Book.
  • Assists in keeping nurse’s station organized and clean. 

Physical Demands:
Ability to walk about unit and hospital.  Able to push wheelchair or cart with adult patient in or on.  Reaching for and handling charts, reports and other office supplies.  Sitting position for one hour or more at times.  Talking clearly in conversing.  Visual and auditory acuity.  Safely lifting or pulling material or equipment of at least 20 pounds.

Special Demands:
Displays strong organizational skills.  Must be able to work cooperatively and independently, and be able to work efficiently under stress.  Communication expertise on telephone and person-to-person.  Must have the ability to cope with instructions from more than one person.  To promote a positive public image of the nursing unit and Harrisburg Medical Center to patients, family members and other staff.  Must be dependable and punctual in attendance.  Must be able to work well with other staff.  Strives to improve self.  Dress appropriately for work.  Wears name badge at all times.

Representative Functions:
Percentage of Time

1. Utilizes order entry for physician’s orders.                          45%

2. Receptionist for the nursing station.  Telephone,
 answering general questions.                                               20%

3. One Call System                                                              25%

4. Keeps patient records current and accurate.                       20%

5. Clerical duties related to admission, transfer, death of
 patient, Code Blues/Whites, and STAT HEART.                     10%

6. Insures patient valuables are handled and accounted for
 when necessary.                                                               5%