Pulmonary Disease Navigator- FT40


Immediate Supervisor:Director Respiratory

Position Status:FT

Hours per week:40



JOB TITLE: Pulmonary Disease Navigator

DEPARTMENT: Respiratory Therapy

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Director of Respiratory Therapy

HOURS: FT 40  Job code: Pd


Initiate clinical chart review for the evaluation of acute and chronic pulmonary conditions.

Assessment of the patients pulmonary needs on admission and in the outpatient setting.

Must identify, investigate, and record date necessary to coordinate patient care.

Communicates well and documents the pulmonary needs of the patient.

Works closely with the patient and family to provided pulmonary education and coordinate care in the acute care and outpatient setting.

Initiates and maintains follow-up phone calls for a period of time after discharge to ensure and assess adherence to therapy in regards to pulmonary medications, breathing techniques, scheduled appointments and answer questions.

Provides continued pulmonary education on discharge that includes but is not limited to: pulmonary hygiene, promotes health and wellness, indications of medications and their use, inhaler devices and medication side effects.

Helps the patient recognize the signs and symptoms of chronic disease processes versus acute exacerbation.

Helps guide the patient of when to see their PCP verses the emergency room.

Develops close working relationships with respiratory therapy, case management, transition advocate, nurses, hospitalists, primary care providers (PCP), pharmacies, durable medical equipment (DME) companies and insurance companies to coordinate patient care in the acute and outpatient setting.

Must plan and develop patient educational activities.

Helps gather and report data concerning readmissions and patient compliance.


Education:         Graduate from an accredited school for Respiratory Therapy.

                                                Currently licensed CRT or RRT

                                                Must be willing to complete the AARC Pulmonary Disease Educator Course with

                                                12 months of hire.


Training:             6 months

Experience:        Minimum 3 years’ experience in a hospital setting

Job Knowledge: Knowledgeable and proficient in the recognition and treatment of acute and

chronic pulmonary diseases processes using evidence-based guidelines, ability to assess and

interpret clinical data; provide appropriate disease-specific and medication education, ability to

recommend/provide disease-specific therapies and clinical testing. Must become

knowledgeable and skilled with DME companies and Pharmacy practices as they relate to

insurance. Must become knowledgeable and proficient with CMS, Medicaid, and commercial

insurance companies. Must have basic computer skills and familiar with navigating electronic

medical records.



Responsible For:

Inpatient: Initiating patient contact within 24 hrs. of admission Monday - Friday

Outpatient: Initiate first phone call with patient a minimum of 24 hrs. prior to appoint to advise patient of what to expect and what to bring to the appointment.

Review of all clinical data.

Performing and completing the pulmonary assessment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Complete patient specific electronic evaluation and survey forms.

Work with case management and transitions advocate to complete the LACE survey.

Identify the patients’ needs on discharge.

Communicate and coordinate pulmonary testing when indicated.

Schedule follow-up appointments for outpatient evaluations.

Provide education including but not limited to: disease processes, medication use and information, breathing techniques, inhaler techniques, smoking cessation, pulmonary hygiene

Developing COPD action plans using best practices.

Provide education on how to best follow the COPD action plan including signs & symptoms.

Communicate and coordinate patient care with the respiratory therapists, case management, transition advocate, nurses, hospitalists, primary care providers (PCP), pharmacies, durable medical equipment (DME) companies and insurance companies in the acute and outpatient setting.

Support and communicate with transition advocate pertaining to discharged patients to complement the others responsibilities.

Maintaining proficiency in the recognition and treatment of acute and chronic pulmonary diseases processes using evidence based guidelines

Physical Demands:

Visual, auditory, and communication acuity. Minimal lifting 10-25 lbs., light. Prolonged sitting and reading of records. Computer operation skills and typing for extended periods of time. Extended hours of work as dictated by the workload.

Special Demands: Well developed communication skills. Maintains professionalism, good bedside manner, tact, initiative, and judgment skills. Ability to work in a community environment. Operate computers and audio-visual equipment. Must participate and become proficient with Process Improvement and Lean Daily Management. Candidates promote a good positive attitude and public image of the Respiratory Therapy department and Harrisburg Medical Center.


Review of Medical Records                        20%

Patient Education & Communication           20%

Communication coworker/DME/ insurance   15%

Testing                                                        5%

Telephone and Follow-up                             10%

Travel                                                         10%

Documentation                                             20%