Nurse Practitioner - Adult Regional Geriatric Program

Competition #:891951

Job Title:Nurse Practitioner - Adult Regional Geriatric Program

Job Category:Nursing

Work Type:Full-Time Temporary

Positions Available:1

Union Affiliation:Non Union

Posted Date:16/05/22

Closing date:30/05/22

Salary Range:$50.62 - $65.81 per hour

FTE Assignment (FT=1.0, Casual =0.000001):1.0

The NP works collaboratively within the Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Team within the Regional Geriatric Program (RGP). The NP will provide advanced nursing care that optimizes patient outcomes and enhances safety, efficiency, effectiveness and accessibility to care for patients that reflects the vision, mission and values of St. Michael’s Hospital. Reporting to both the Program Director, Inner City Health and the Director of Nursing Practice and Education, the NP works with the Clinical Leader Managers and Professional Practice Leaders to support the implementation of key professional practice initiatives (including the implementation of best practices) and development of interprofessional staff and students within the RGP program and General Internal Medicine.

The NP contributes to the quality of patient care through the component roles of advanced practitioner, educator, research consultant and case manager. The emphasis on particular components of the role may change over time in response to the evolving priorities of the program. However, it is anticipated that 75% of the CNP's time will be devoted to direct care activities and case management, and 25% of time will be dedicated to education, research, and consultation and administration. The NP's practice integrates the skills and knowledge from nursing  within a broad framework of advanced nursing practice.  The NP will provide leadership in educational programs that focus on specialized knowledge and skills related to the treatment of the frail elderly, marginalized inner city patients and chronic disease management. The NP will actively participate in departmental Health Promotion and disease prevention initiatives. The NP's practice should be viewed as a balance between collaborative and independent practice.


The NP works within 4 domains of practice:


Clinical Domain: the NP

  • Demonstrates the CNA competencies in providing clinical care to patients and their families as the central part of the NP role. The NP works autonomously to diagnose, order and interpret diagnostic tests, prescribe pharmaceuticals and perform procedures within the legislated scope of practice and a defined St. Michael’s Hospital Collaborative Practice Agreement.
  • As part of an inter-professional plan of care, may make clinical decisions to discharge patients from hospital, including completion of discharge summaries and transfer of accountability to community care providers
  • Perform patient health assessments, liasing with team members and consultants to plan, implement and evaluate treatment
  • Serves as the main contact for ACE patients and their families and the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre, other Community Resources
  • Attends clinical rounds to plan for patient care and bed/resource utilization
  • Works with ACE team to develop, implement and evaluate best practice guidelines and standards of care for elderly clients on the ACE unit


Knowledge Translation: The NP

  • Analyzes, appraises and synthesizes research and best practices to use as a foundation for enhancing the delivery of quality patient care.
  • Uses knowledge translation techniques in innovative ways to put research-based knowledge into daily practice and to support and educate other members of the health care team.
  • Contributes to the dissemination of nursing knowledge through presentations and publications.


Scholarship: The NP

  • Contributes to the culture of discovery at St. Michael’s Hospital by advancing and/or appraising nursing research.
  • Evaluates outcomes of practice, practice patterns and systems of care against local and national benchmarks to identify variances in practice outcomes and population trends.
  • Identifies issues related to clinical practice and patient care and develops innovations to improve care and care delivery for patients, families, and communities.
  • Designs, directs, participates in and evaluates quality improvement methodologies to promote safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered care.


Leadership: The NP 

  • Acts as a transformational leader by using ideals, inspiration and intellectual stimulation to influence the behaviours and attitudes of others towards the goal of excellent patient care
  • Acts as a consultant and resource to members of health care team and external groups in the process of decision-making strategic planning and problem solving by committee involvement, participation in program development and evaluation
  • Is eligible for cross-appointment to an academic institution
  • Is a membership in the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO/NPAO) and other relevant organizations
  • Actively participate in the Senior Friendly Hospital Strategy and other Quality Improvement strategies



  • Adult or Primary Health Care NP (Registered Nurse in the Extended Class) in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario  (or eligible for registration)
  • Masters degree in Nursing with specialized clinical focus in Geriatrics is required
  • Current CPR or BCLS certificate.
  • CNA Certification in Gerontological nursing preferred
  • Demonstrated experience and leadership in clinical practice, education and research
  • Current experience and demonstrated success as a Clinical Nurse, 3-5 years nursing experience in Acute Care and Geriatrics (specialty area/clinical practice, etc)
  • Ability to function as an independent practitioner and a collaborative team member
  • Excellent negotiation and conflict resolution skills