Candidate Center FAQ

Creating a Profile

What are the benefits of creating an account?

An account will allow you to save your contact information and resume/cover letter saving you the step of re-entering the information in future applications.

The Candidate Center also allows you to track different postings:

  • Jobs that you have applied to
  • Jobs that you have viewed
  • Jobs that you have added to your Watched Jobs list.

Can I delete my account?

Once you create a profile, you will not be able to delete it. However, you can always edit your name and contact information. Your previously saved information be overwritten in the system.

If I don't create a profile, will I be able to modify my contact information at a later date?

To be able to modify information related to an application that you have already submitted, you must save to your bookmarks the Profile Update URL that is displayed on the last page of your application process, the application confirmation page.

Submitting an application

How do I submit an application?

Steps in the application process:

  1. Contact Information - this information allows the recruiter to reach and communicate with you. If you have already created a profile and are logged in, this step of the application will be pre-populated for you.
  2. Resume & Cover letter - entering your resume and cover letter in these fields makes them easily accessible to keyword searches by recruiters within the system.
  3. Details Questionnaire - this step allows recruiters to gather some background and job specific information for candidate screening purposes.
  4. EEO - In accordance with federal law, some organizations are required to present a voluntary EEO (equal opportunity employer) self-identification form. Your responses to this form will be kept strictly confidential.
  5. Attachments - this step allows you to upload attachments of your resume, cover letter or any other additional documentation that may be relevant to your application. As mentioned on that page, only files with the following extensions are accepted: jpg, rtf, doc, docx, gif, jpeg, pdf, txt, zip, wpd, wpe.
    Also, the system will only allow you to upload files under 10MB in size.
  6. Required questions/fields - any fields marked with an asterisk are required and must be filled before proceeding to the next step of the application process. Should you leave a required question unanswered, a pop up message will display on clicking continue to let you know which fields have been missed.

Career Alerts

What are Career Alerts?

Career Alerts are notifications letting you know when a new position is posted matching the criteria you selected when you signed up to the alert.

How long will my Career Alert subscription last?

Your subscription period will be for 30 days, and an email will let you know when your alert is about to expire, allowing you to extend the period by another 30 days.

Can I extend/modify/delete my Career Alert?

At any time during your subscription, you can extend, modify or delete the alert by visiting the site, going to the Career Alert page, entering your email address and managing your Alerts.

Social Media

How do I share a job with my friends on Social Media?

The social media links at the top of the job description screen allow you to share postings by email or through social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) with your online community. To post to a social media site, simply click the icon and login to your social media site, then click to post the job to your profile.